What equipment is needed for arc welding?

Manual arc welding is the connection of products by means of a piece metal electrode with a coating. Welding equipment is needed for arc welding; it brings electric current to the electrode and machined metal surfaces.

Under its action, an arc arises that melts the edges of the product and the electrode itself, forming a weld. Moving the arc along the edges of the metal is carried out manually.

Advantages of manual arc welding

The main advantage of this welding method is mobility. The use of long electric cables allows you to move around the site, to perform work in hard to reach places. Welding equipment is compact and easy to transport.

Application of manual arc welding

Manual arc welding is used today in the manufacture of metal structures, in repair and construction works, for joining pipe joints in heat engineering, main and technological pipelines, for the manufacture of reinforcing and other structures in reinforced concrete products, for electrical installation works.

What kind of equipment for arc welding?

When it comes to fusion bonding, arc welding will be one of the most common ways to make it. The source of heating in this case is an electric arc. It is supported by an alternating or constant current source, and is formed due to an arc discharge.

Choosing arc welding tools and equipment for manual arc welding is a crucial step. All compounds are made by melting and non-melting electrodes.

The manual method is called due to the ignition of the arc, its control and movement along the connection, which is reproduced by a specialist completely independently, without the help of an automated process.

Features of the welding station

If necessary, welding equipment is transferred to an open area. Therefore, the posts are divided into two types – stationary and mobile (mobile).

Welding transformers will be located at the workplace to weld with alternating current, or a rectifier for constant voltage welding equipment

Arc welding equipment list include:

  • The presence of a special device to control the current strength;
  • Ensuring the absence of violations in the operation of devices during faults;
  • The possibility of idling with maintaining the arc, if the welding circuit is open;
  • The device must be endowed with high dynamic capabilities, that is, after a short circuit to be able to quickly recover;


The welding generator operates with DC characteristics capable of providing stable arc burning for welding. It consists of a stator with magnetic poles and an anchor with collectors and a winding.

When the armature rotates in the magnetic field that the stator poles create, alternating current begins to appear in the windings, and the collectors transform it into a direct current.


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