What are all the different types of US work visas are available?

The citizens of the foreign countries from the different parts of the world, willing come to the United States to start their carrier. When they are coming to this American country, they should have to get the immigrant visas or non-immigrant visas as per their needs. According to the type and period of your work, there are different types of us passports and visas available to become the legal US workers. The most popular visa is Green Card, it allows you not only to work legally but also live as a citizen of US. You can find other visa types below.

Types of work Visas for United States

E-3 Australian work visa

E-3 visas are generally the nonimmigrant work visa which is meant for the Australian citizens. The teachers, architects, lawyers, economists and as well as the computer professionals can get this kind of visa when they are coming from Australia to US for working. To quality for getting this visa, the people with the Australian nationality should have to hold the master degrees and they should also have job offers in the United States.

J 1 short-term exchange visitor visa

It is also the non-immigrant visa which allows the foreign nationals for taking part in the cultural events conducted in the United States. The J visa holders should be highly capable of supporting themselves financially to carryon everything in this country and at the same time you should be good in the English communication skills. Students, professors, teachers, research assistants, nannies/Au pairs, trainees and camp counselors can enter in this exchange visitor visa program.

H1-B specialty work visa

This H1-B visas are generally issues to the citizens of the foreign countries who all possess the specialized skills. The teachers, lawyers, engineers and etc can acquire this kind of visa to work in US. The US employers who would like to bring the skilled professionals to their country can file the applications for the H1-B visas to those foreign workers.

L-1 intra company transfer work visa

This type of visa actually allows the foreign citizens who are all working for the international companies in their home countries while transferring to the same company branch located in the United States. Those who are working in the managerial positions or in any other type of the specialty occupation positions are highly eligible to get this work visa.

O-1 extraordinary ability worker visa

O-1 visa is also one of the most important visa classifications because it is for the foreigners with the amazing ability. The foreign workers with the extraordinary skills and talent in the arts, science, athletics, business, education, television industry or in the business can be qualified to get this work visa.

NAFTA work visa

The Mexicans and Canadians working in the qualifying jobs will be highly eligible for getting this North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) professional nonimmigrant visa to work in the United States. This visa status is just similar to the H-1B status. The applicants should have to hold the higher education degrees to qualify for this visa.

R-1 religious worker visa

The foreigners who are all looking to work in the United States as ministers or in the religious occupations can able to get this R-1 type of visa. Actually, it is the temporary visa issued to the foreign workers who are all coming to the United States to work temporarily in the non-profit religious organizations in America.

How to apply for the green card:

Green card in America is officially known as the permanent resident card which is like the American citizenship. Having a green card actually allows you to live and also work permanently in the US. In order to get the green card, you should have to follow these essential steps on your individual situations.

Before applying to get the green card, first of all you should have to know whether you are eligible to get it or not.

  • According to the US immigration laws, there are the different types of ways for the individuals to apply for the green card.
  • The most important eligibility requirements might vary based on the category of the immigrant you are applying under.
  • You can apply it as a single person, for your family, through your employment, as a special immigrant and so on.

Using these steps and suggestions, you have to apply for a right type of visa or/and green card to legally work in United States without any problems.

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