Are Carpenters Needed in Australia?

The carpenter and carpenter trades are among the professions in demand on the Australian job market. If you have the required qualifications for the job of carpenters needed in Australia, you are likely to be able to find a job in one of these specialties during your stay in Working Holiday Visa.

And why not, then stay in Australia if your employer agrees to sponsor you.

Become a carpenter in Australia

What are you getting?


You will support the company for six months from February or March 2018. Depending on the course and your own wishes, the company does not rule out longer-term employment.


Well-trained specialists should be paid appropriately! Your salary for the carpentry jobs in Australia therefore corresponds to your professional experience and local salaries. It is discussed with the details with you when we get to know you better.


The company is within walking distance of buses and trains. The purchase of a car is therefore not absolutely necessary. We will discuss the details with you during the preparation.


Internet supports you in the search for an accommodation where you feel comfortable.

What do you have to bring with you?


To apply for an Australian visa, you must be at least 18 years old.

Work experience

You have successfully completed your training as a carpenter / carpenter and have at least one further year of professional experience after completing your training in similar work areas.

Knowledge and skills

During your training or afterwards, you gained experience in the construction and installation of windows and doors, sun visors, wooden cladding or comparable wooden elements. You are used to working with both MDF and solid wood.

Driver’s license

In order to be able to move around the region without restrictions, a class B driving license is an advantage but not a must.

Searching for a job of carpenter in Australia

The best way of finding a job happens to be seeking a recruitment mediator or finding a neighboring building contractor. You might contact the agents before you turn up in Australia and the moment you be acquainted with you have protected your work visa, it can be little easier for getting an interview.

It happens not to be suggested for going straight to the construction sites and request empty positions as most employing will be directed by the construction company.

While it happens to be possible for applying for construction jobs online, getting immigrate to Australia as a carpenter job might be intricate in this field of work because several employers wish to attempt you elsewhere on site.

By holding a good documentation of your previous work history comprising taking pictures of jobs you did, receiving testimonials from your previous employers and clients and preserving an updated resume will all help.

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