What is the difference between a pipe wrench and a monkey wrench?

Monkey wrenches and pipe wrenches are large and forcing and not utilized all that frequently. Along these lines, it’s truly understandable that making sense of the difference between a pipe wrench and a monkey wrench can be a difficult experience for certain people.

It’s a lot simpler to kind of knot them all into the class of heavy, large, wrenches appropriate to knocking out a sentry while attempting to sneak into a fortress.

The two sorts of wrenches are developed along extremely comparative lines. They are both large and truly heavy. They two have large heads and thick handles.

Truth be told, it’s sort of difficult to disclose to them separated until you investigate the space in the head where it holds quick onto whatever it is that you’re attempting to close the wrench onto.

Pipe wrenches have teeth for gripping activity

The first and essential difference is the state of the wrench’s jaw. The jaw is likely exactly what you think it is. At the point when you turn the adjuster, the jaw is the part that opens or closes relying upon the direction.

This is the piece of the wrench that comes into direct contact with whatever you’re attempting to make use of the wrench to either evacuate or modify.

Flat jaws permit monkey wrenches to bit nuts

The jaws on a monkey wrench are flat. Monkey wrenches are regularly connected with loosening or tightening nuts, which have flat edges.

In the event that you look along the lower and upper jaws of a pipe wrench, you’ll see that it has teeth. Pretty much every pipe wrench has teeth or some likeness thereof and that is on the grounds that they need not simply the state of the jaw to appropriately grip the pipe however teeth also.

Monkey wrenches don’t regularly have teeth, since they are designed to turn flat surfaces, and they get the entire grip they need from tightening flush to those.


In fact, genuine monkey wrenches have sort of tumbled from support in the course of the only remaining century as more up to date, simpler to-alter and simpler to-utilize wrenches went onto the market.

Among pipe wrench vs. monkey wrench was the movable head wrench, with its notable curved head designed to get into tight space. It’s in fact from the monkey wrench family tree, however in all actuality, considering it a monkey wrench is a similar thing as considering an individual a monkey.

The essential time one uses of a pipe wrench and a monkey wrench need to remember these differences is if you do plumbing work. Monkey wrenches are, by the standards of a cutting edge workshop, sort of out of date.

However, pipe wrenches despite everything have a significant spot in a plumbing toolbox. In the event that you need to do that work, you’ll need to ensure that you have appropriate pipe wrenches with angled jaws and teeth to grip pipes as you turn them.

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